San Francisco Peace Billboards - Jamyong Singye


10 visual artists from 10 member states of the United Nations were asked to imagine what peace looks like, from their unique cultural perspectives. On May 26th, 2008, their visions were displayed on full size outdoor billboards all over San Francisco. The aim of the this project is to incite members of our community to imagine for themselves their own vision of peace.  Because if we cannot first imagine peace, we may never make it so.


“This painting shows eyes of compassion that can see throughout space and time. Golden rays of sacred light spread across the universe, and our own earth’s body rests in protection of a lotus flower, a symbol of purity. The lotus holds the globe safely above the many dark clouds of pollution, and the fires of global warming from resource depletion. It shows the moon on the left, depicting feminine force, and the sun on the right, depicting the masculine force. Together they symbolize balance.  At the top corners are two rainbow clouds symbolizing impermanence.  At the bottom corners are clusters of three wish-fulfilling jewels.”